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What is Print Marketing?

Print Marketing is a traditional method of businesses promotion using graphic design and printed media to advertise and market your business, combining the correct strategy with other complimentary marketing techniques can be low cost and highly effective.    Print marketing involves the design and production of printed marketing materials that are then distributed to potential customers to give exposure to your brand, offers, services and/or products.  The design of the printed graphics is a highly skilled process in order to balance the message with the target audience in an effective way and the success of a campaign can depend on how well designed  the combination of both graphics and print techniques are to attract the attention of the right customer groups and impart the information in a clear and memorable way. Combining creative thinking with traditional techniques can yield exceptional results, and modern print processes mean virtually anything can be printed upon unlocking a huge array of new ways to market your company through print.

Print marketing can be relatively low cost and if distributed in a targeted way can be highly effective at imparting your message and generating new business.

In the current economic climate print marketing is often being overlooked as many companies budgets for this type of marketing are being cut and developing marketing sectors such as web marketing grow.  However small and start-up businesses can benefit greatly from simple cost effective print marketing techniques forming a key part of the businesses marketing strategy and should not be dismissed as old fashioned. Rather by combining print marketing with web based strategies excellent results can be achieved.

At Search & Ginn we believe great print marketing has something special about it that makes it memorable so that it catches the customers imagination, this approach makes the difference between a customer keeping or discarding, between forgetting and talking about, between passing by and getting in contact.

Branded Stationary: virtually all businesses benefit from the core stationery elements: business cards, letter heads, compliments slips and envelopes but not many take the opportunity to create something that stands out.  As well as providing an opportunity to tell your customers more about your business and cross market services each of these elements can also used to reinforce your brand and present your offering to your customers in a memorable way.  A creative approach to branded stationary can be an excellent opportunity to stand out by using innovative design from unique dye cut templates,  specialist print processes and inks to unusual print materials.  For example: heat sensitive inks, textured finishes, photosensitive papers, etched metal, embossing/de-bossing, multi functional and interactive designs.

Printed Hand-Outs: Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures, Catalogues,

Promotional Space: Posters, Display Stands: Trade and promotional events.

Publication Advertising: Magazines, publications: A highly specialised field and also one that can be high cost when targeting large audiences through national titles.  Targeting strategies to business sector or location for example can be more cost effective particularly when combined with editorial features and over a number of editions.  Unusual materials or finishes can be used in the print process changing texture, paper weight or using perhaps UV highlights can attract attention to your message, other strategies could combine attatched product give aways whilst the most cost effective solutions use imaginative graphic design to capture the readers gaze.

Branded Promotional Goods: Clothing, Pens, bags, vehicles


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