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Who We Are

What’s in a name?  Search & Ginn doesn’t just sound like ‘search engine’ it means so much more!

Apart from Search meaning to seeking carefully and thoroughly which in our case is for ideas and solutions for our clients but Search is also an ancient medieval English surname it is derived from a ‘fusing’ of two Old English pre 7th century personal names. These were ‘Soeric’ meaning sea-power, and ‘Sigeric’, meaning victory-power. In our case this represents our aim to help our customers businesses to be successful.

A Ginn is a cleaver machine its also an unusual surname and is of early medieval English origin. It’s a nickname for a particularly clever person, or someone endowed with a particular skill, derived from the Middle English “gin, ginne” and from the Old French “engin”meaning skill and ingenuity.  In our case this word represents our ability to create ingenious working functional solutions for our clients.

The world wide web is an amazing place and like the world of business the possibilities are endless.  A Search Engine catalogues the web makes sense of it and makes specific information accessible to people, in the same way at Search & Ginn we provide direct solutions to problems that save our clients time allowing them to focus on their business.

Why we are unique,

We have been where you are today! Our business was born out of the complexities we discovered when launching our own businesses.  We spent the time finding the best solutions and have put them into practice we combined technical solutions with our existing design pedigree to create a unique offering that saves our clients time and money allowing them to concentrate on their core business.


Why is our offering unique: I’ve been in your shoes I was starting a new business and had a great idea that I wanted to launch I’m a professionally qualified designer and I found the process of taking the right steps to get my business launched and successful difficult and so we decided to offer all the support services that I had needed to other people but all under one roof so you don’t need to spend months exploring the options and becoming an expert we have already done the hard work we know our solutions work because we used them in fact we used the on you and the proof that it works is in the fact that you found our company and are reading this. And the best bit is that because are services are all in one place we can offer them to you at a better rate than you going to separate companies.